What Does a Physiotherapist Do?


Physiotherapists assist and treat individuals who have physical problems that result from illness, accident or old age. The common skills used by physiotherapists include therapeutic physical exercises, manual therapy, and the use of electro physical modalities.
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A physiotherapist, often referred to as a movement specialist, is a health care professional who is specialised in maximising human function, movement and potential. A physiotherapist assesses diagnoses and also treats disabilities restoring normal physical functions by use of various techniques like exercises, manipulation and heat treatments.
Physiotherapists treat neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Physical exercises which are designed to develop the patient's muscle tone and strength are a core part of a physiotherapy plan.
Physiotherapists help patients how have limited range of movement due to accidents, age or illness. They are also known more commonly as physical therapists.
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In order to become a physiotherapist, one must first obtain a Physiotherapy BSc. After joining the Health professional council, the physiotherapist must then maintain their education
Someone who treats and prevents injury using physical exercises. the treatment of disease or injury by physical means, such as massage or exercises, rather than by drugs [physio-
With the elderly population living longer, there are more opportunities for physiotherapists. According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for physiotherapists
Physical therapist.
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