What Does a Pike Eat?


A pike is a pure predator that eats small fishes, even small pikes. It can literally eat anything that fits into it mouth like frogs, small birds, small mammals etc. When young, they feed on their yolk sac.
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they will eat any small creatures. This includes fish, mice, frogs and water snakes.
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3-4 lbs in a warm area, 5-6 in really cold water (northern canada). After 5-6 I find they end up tasting muddy - although if you soak them in milk for 2 hours some of that swampy/
Pike eat fish, but on occasion water voles & ducklings have also fallen prey.However full grown ducks geese and swans are too big/strong for them to eat. report this answer. Updated
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Pike fish are known to feed on frogs, small birds and other small mammals. They are also known to eat carps, roach, Rudd and bream. Young peaks can feed on water fleas, worms and young fish.
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