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A pit bull is a breed of dog which is medium-sized, solidly built and is also short haired. The dog was initially bred first to bait bulls and bears before it became a popular house pets. The dog can be very friendly and during the World Wars one and two, it was used to deliver messages on the battlefields.
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Pit bull's are a medium sized dog that are very muscular. They have thick, short, shiny fur. They have a big head kind of in the shape of a block. You can find more information here: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/americanpitbull.htm
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Depending on the typ of Pit Bull, they might look different. But, the basic look of a pit bull is broad-shouldered, muscular, with a round face and nose.
i have a pit bull and it is brown and black and white thank you
1. Draw a large circle near the top of a piece of paper. This shape will be the head. From the head, draw two short straight lines. The two lines will form the neck-ensure the neck
1 Give your pit bull lots of exercise. If your pit bull is feeling cooped up or has too much energy, he or she might get aggressive. Take your pit bull on lots of walks if you don't
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Pit Bulls all look relatively alike. However, weight and color changes will affect how they look. The main characteristics of a Pit Bull is its lean body and jowls ...
The pit bull is a strong stocky dog. They have wide heads with thick muscles around their necks. Most are between 18-22 inches tall and weigh around 35-55 pounds ...
Common characteristics of a boxer terrier mix dog include a short-haired dog who is as large as a pit bull. This is also generally a social dog. Boxer and English ...
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