What Does a Pumpkin Plant Look like?


Pumpkin is an herbaceous plant with a supple and climbing stem. Its leaves are large, and heart shaped, with fine marked nerves. The flowers of a pumpkin plant are yellow and pulpy, and it produces oval or spherical fruits of a green or strong orange colour.
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1. Clear a 50- to 100-square-foot garden area for each pumpkin plant. Work compost into the soil with a shovel to a depth of 12 inches until a rich, dark soil is produced. Create
1. Choose high quality seeds. Go to your nursery, check out a seed catalog or look for seeds online to pick out your pumpkin seeds. [1] You can try to plant seeds that came from a
Sow the seeds in spring into a hilled up mound of rich soil or compost. Sow 3 seeds in each mound and later remove all but the strongest plant. Space the mounds about six feet apart
1. A nice clay pot adds a professional touch. Choose a clay pot for your plant. It should be deep enough to give the roots plenty of room and wide enough to allow for easy watering.
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Pumpkin leaves are dark green. They are large and have lobed leaves. There are many different varieties of pumpkin plants, so the leaves may look somewhat different ...
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