What Does a Pyrometer Measure?


Pyrometer is a device that is used to measure the temperature of the surface of object. It interprets or determines the thermal radiation in a process referred to as pyrometry.
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Most pyrometers use the heat that radiates from an object to measure its temperature without touching it. According to Temperatures.com, an optical pyrometer-one of the most commonly
Pyrometer is any non-contacting device that intercepts and
They can be used to find bleed air leaks and checking for hot brakes..
You're right, it will. A quick search on digikey does not find any thermistors that work in that range. A peltier effect device (thermocouple) may work, as it generates a small voltage
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What Does a Pyrometer Measure?
A pyrometer measures temperatures that are above the range of most mercurial thermometers, such as molten metals, according to the Oxford American Dictionary. The first pyrometers measured an object's temperature by how much its size changed when heated.... More »
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Josiah Wedgewood was an English potter invented the pyrometer in 1780. The device was used to measure the high temperatures in kilns during firing of pottery. ...
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