What Does a Queen Ant Look like?


A queen ant is larger than the other members of the colony, and has a thicker body that stands out. The abdomen is larger than the other ants, and it also posses wing muscles which are specific to their class. A queen ant's eggs grow to become wingless female ants and worker ants.
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If you wish to identify the queen ant you should look for the ant with the most complex looking thorax. Also, most of the time the queen is much larger!
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Many people think that queen ants are always the largest ants in the colony, and in some cases, this is correct. For example, Leaf Cutter queen ants tower above the worker ants in
When there is an infestation of ants in a house or building, there is always a queen ant producing young. She can be found in the community's nest, which is usually located in a hard
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1. Get a jar filled with soft dirt (not wet, because the tunnels will collapse with wet soil) 2. Slowly dig at a ant bed with a teaspoon. When you pick up ants while digging scrape
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