What does a rabbit eat?


Rabbits eat timothy-grass, hay, fruit, flowers, pellets and fresh vegetables. Hay is the main staple of the pet rabbit diet and should comprise 90 percent of what their diet.

The exact types of foods a rabbit should eat depend on the type of rabbit. Hay is so important to the pet rabbit diet that they should have unlimited access to as much hay as they can eat in a day. Hay is important because it helps rabbits burn off energy and keeps them from getting bored. It also keeps their teeth and jaws strong and gives them enough fiber to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Pet rabbits also need fresh water throughout the entire day every day of the week. They can eat fruit for a treat but not too much since it is high in sugar. Rabbits also eat leafy green vegetables though only a few at a time. Wild rabbits focus more on plants, flowers, herbs and weeds since that is what is available. It is important to thoroughly wash vegetables before giving them to rabbits in order to remove pesticides. It is also important to make sure that any pet rabbits only eat from plants that are far away from the road to avoid contamination from car exhaust.

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This is an important question to me for a couple reasons: I want the rabbit to have shade from tree which they don{t chew the bark off of and kill. I want to have the product of trees
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