What Does a Rectangular Prism Look like?


A rectangular prism is any polyhedron that has six faces, where each face is quadrilateral. The most common way to describe it would be a simple rectangular box, usually more long than wide.
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A rectangular prism is characterised by six flat sides and all angles that are right angles. The prism also has all of its faces that are rectangular in shape and they are basically used during mathematics calculations.
A rectangular prism is sort of like a cube or box, it has 12 edges 6 faces and 8 points (vertices) It basically looks like a 3d rectangle.
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A rectangular prism looks like a rectangular box. They are useful to have around, especially around Christmastime when you have presents to ship,
the bases (b) is a rectangle look up a picture.
1. Figure out the dimensions that you want for your rectangular prism. Write these down as length, width and height (as they would be measured if your prism was lying on one of its
A rectangular prism is four sided and and 3 dimensional. ChaCha again!
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