Rottweiler Pitbull Mix?


A Rottweiler Pitbull Mix' ears are either left natural or cropped while its teeth are scissor shaped. The dog breed's coat colour varies from brown to black to a mix of the two. The dog has thick nails and pads and a long curled tail.
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I would check the background of both parents if you can, not just from the owners, if you know anyone nearby, ask if any of them are aggressive. If your not a confident with large
A pitbull and rottweiler mix is sometimes called a
Dog aggression is a real thing in Pit Bulls. They need to be supervised at all times when with other dogs. If this dog is past adolesence and still dog-social, you have a better shot
most likely - a large pitbull mix. . anmldr. 31 months ago.
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The Pitbull Boxer mix, or the BullBoxer Pit usually has the same coloring as a boxer, but with the stocky or larger frame of a pitbull. They could have floppy ...
Boxer Rottweiler mix is a Boxweiler breed dog. Both Boxer and the Rottweiler have similar personality traits due to their originality. The Rottweiler has a black ...
While a half Rottweiler-half Great Dane mix will have features of both breeds, it's really impossible to know what the dog will actually look like. Suffice it ...
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