What Does a Saloon Girl Look like?


Saloon girls presented themselves in a lot of sultry, seductive red. They often wear short dresses which show off legs amply and the necklines of these dresses are usually also low and the look is completed by a plumed headpiece. Salon girls styled their hair in curls or an up do like a French twist with tendrils hanging down to get the dance hall look.
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1. Prep the costume parts. Do the required sewing and decorating. For a daring look, split the skirt and petticoat up to just below the hip line-8 inches-along the right or left front
Angie Carlson.
Women were scarce in the Old West. Saloon owners hoping to take advantage of female-deprived
1. Be. confident. ! Nobody will want to be you if all you do is stare at the floor! Keep your chin up and make eye contact with everyone. Smile. at them, too. That shows you're confident
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