What Does a Scientist Do?


A scientist conducts research and performs experiments for the purpose of making new discoveries about the world and how it works. A scientist may concentrate on a particular field of science, whether Biology, Ecology, or Geology!
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A scientist is someone who studies science. They specialize in finding out things about the unkown and the known. They try to find out why thing work and why they don't work.
The Law of Universal Gravitation, which is one of Isaac Newton's laws, states that the force of attraction between two objects is proportional to the product of their masses divided
A person trying to find the truth. Science, n. Investigation of natural phenomena. Engineering, n. Domestication of natural phenomena. Technology, n. Domesticated natural phenomena.
1 Being a Computer Scientist is all about learning to be a student. Technology changes, new languages develop, new algorithms are devised: you need to be able to learn new things
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