What Does a Sphere Look like?


A sphere is perfectly symmetrical and lacks edges or vertices. All points on the surface are of equal distance from the centre and has the smallest surface area for a volume compared to all shapes. An example of a common sphere is the earth.
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A sphere looks like a three-dimensional circle. A sphere is round, just like a ball! Spheres are not flat, but have a round figure with a circumference.
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A sphere is round and three dimensional. Spheres have the same measurements on all sides. Basketballs and softballs are both examples of a sphere.
It looks like a ball.
There is no force of gravity anywhere within a perfectly spherical shell. This can be derived from Gauss's law for gravity [1], and is a happy consequence of the 1/r^2 dependence
Sphere - A three-dimensional surface, all points of which are equidistant from a fixed
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