What Does a Star on a Map Usually Mean?


A star on a map is typically used to represent a capital or a major city. A circled dot may also be use in place of a star. Stars are primarily found on political maps and might not appear on a physical or contour map.
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A city or town location. The bigger the size of the star or dot, the bigger the city, in terms of population.
Star-Crossed Lovers. Romeo and Juliet marry, but Shakespeare complicates their lives: Because Romeo and Juliet's families hate each other, Juliet fakes her death with a sleeping potion
The Moon stands for trust and honesty. The Star stands for making wishes and for all your dreams to come true.
The ancient Turks believed in the Sky God. And Moon and Sun symbolized his eyes. They were sacred to them. Stars were very special for them too. They gave exotic names to the stars.
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In most cases if you look on a map and see a star it would indicate the capital of a state or country. You may also notice a star on a map that is giving you directions, the star would indicate the location you are trying to find.
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