What Does a Star or a Dot in a Circle Usually Mean on a Map?


Different maps use the star or dot in a circle to represent locations differently. Most maps use this to show readers a U. S. capital. On the other hand, some maps use the sign to inform the readers their current location using the phrase you are here.
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What Does a Star or a Dot in a Circle Usually Mean on a Map?
People have been creating maps for more than 4,000 years to organize information about the world. Mapmakers use lines, symbols and colors to designate various things on the map. Stars or dots inside a circle represent different kinds of cities.... More »
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A star on a map is typically used to represent a capital or a major city. A circled dot may also be use in place of a star. Stars are primarily found on political ...
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On physical maps, green usually mean a representation of a grassy area. It could also, however, be used in the measurement of rainfall or humidity on a map. It ...
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