What Does a Star Represent?


A star pentagram has many different meanings; one of them represents the human being each of the four points symbolizes one of the four members of the body (two arms and two legs), and the point that points upwards represents the human head. The star on top of a Christmas tree symbolizes star that announced the birth of Jesus Christ.
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Could you be more specific? Stars in the sky? Pentagram? Star of David?
The Star of David with a Cross in the center is a Messianic Jewish symbol and represents the Messianic Jewish belief that they are still Jewish while accepting Jesus Christ as their
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North Carolina being one of the original 13 colonies.
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A star can represent angels or the struggle between good and bad, night and day. Stars can represent a belief in fairies, a return to childhood, or magic. Stars are seen as universal balance and the heavens.
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