What Does a Sycamore Tree Look like?


A sycamore tree is about 16-35m tall and has five lobed leaves, with rounded serrations on each lobe. The leaves are dull, green in colour with a characteristically red stem, and the leaf buds are large light green. Its flowers are produced in spikes, with individual flowers being very small. A sycamore is loved as a shed tree, because of its leaves.
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The American Sycamore tree, Plantanus Occidentalis, is best identified by its mottled exfoliating bark. These trees have been known to grow to 51 meters in height. Another identifying
1. Check a field guide to trees to see if the sycamore grows in your part of the United States. The American sycamore has a range that covers most of the eastern half of the nation,
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Lace bark pine.
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A sycamore tree has leaves like those of a maple or palm tree which are large and broad. The leaf has five lobes which grow on long stalks which can turn yellow ...
Lace bark pine. ...
Sycamore leaves are very large with numerous short hairs on the stem and veins which gives them a fuzzy feel. These leaves have between 3 and 5 lobes and their ...
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