What Does a Tasmanian Devil Look like?


The Tasmanian devil is an animal that looks sort of like a cross between a bear and cat. They have small muscular bodies. They have black fur, sometimes with a white stripe somewhere on their bodies.
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Tasmanian devils are nocturnal hunters. This means they hunt or scavenge at night.
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The Tasmanian Devil is now only found on the island state of
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Tasmanian Devil
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Dasyuromorphia Family: Dasyuridae Genus: Sarcophilus Species: Sarcophilus laniarius
The Tasmanian devil doesn't only exist in cartoons! They are a most unusual mammal, found only on the island state of Tasmania, a part of Australia. Why the "fiery" name and reputation? Early European settlers heard the eerie growl... More »
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