What Does a Tingling in Your Knee Mean?


A tingling in your knee sometimes signifies that you have excess lactic acid. It might be because you did strenuous exercise the day before. If it persists, you can go to a physician or a neurologist.
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It could be cartilage bruising. Or something like tendinitis I have tendinitis and that is how it feels I would get it checked out.
Tingling in the knee can indicate a sprain, strain, tear in the meniscus,
Leg pain is a common symptom and complaint. For more specific information, see: Foot pain Knee pain Joint pain Hip pain Muscle pain Shin splints Alternative Names Pain - leg; Aches
Hi Joe, I don't know your age, but I'm thinking perhaps you may be getting arthritis of the knee joint if you are 50 or above (although some people can get it at a younger age). I
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