What Does a Tornado Look like?


A typical tornado such as 'the wedge tornado' is straight on the side with a wide damage path forming cycling cloud. It is usually wider than its height and not much stronger compared to other tornados.
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Radar may detect aboveground rotation inside a massive storm. When this happens, forecasters issue tornado warnings that forecast an impending tornado. Aboveground circulation is
1. Keep check on your local news outlet for watches and warnings Also go to. weather. gov to check your Weather outlook what shows that days risk . Ad. 2. Look at "CAPE"
The thing to look for is the change of sky color - green is the color to watch out for. Not only is it a sign of possible tornadic development, but for hail as well. I heard a meteorologist
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Each tornado has its own characteristics but most tornadoes will look like a big funnel turned upside down with the narrow spout pointed towards the ground. Some will also look fairly dark if they have picked up a lot of debris.
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