What Does a Vet Do?


A vet usually diagnoses and treats diseases that affect animals. There are three major divisions of vets; large animal vets, small animal vets and exotic animal vets. They also offer advice on how best to take care of animals.
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A vet or veterinarian is a doctor for animals. Some veterinarians serve only large animals like cows and other farm animals, while others focus on pets like cats and dogs.
A vet, also known as a veterinarian, is a doctor that takes care of animals. Some may make house calls while others may just work in an office. They usually specialize in one of three areas, large animals, small animals, and exotic animals.
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In order to become a vet you have to have been active duty military and fought in a war. If you are talking about a veterinarian you need four years of college, four years of veterinarian
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vets are here to heal creatures and help them out.
A visit to the veterinarian can help keep your kitty healthy and happy. Aside from vaccinations, spaying or neutering and occasional accidents or illnesses, young and healthy cats
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