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The Wave Nouveau hairstyle is a permanent wave hairstyle that is also referred to as a cold wave. It is similar to a body perm. The Wave Nouveau is designed for African American hair.
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Wave nouveau has a low, slightly alkaline pH of 9 to 9.6 and adds a soft wave or curl to the hair. The wave nouveau process involves shampooing, sectioning, rodding, and finally,
Well is depends because i use wave Nouveau and it makes my hair straight and shiny.But they do have a curly wave Nouveau and that makes it look kind like a Jerry Curl but it works
It's a mixture of french and english which means 'New Wave' It's not greasy, but would not be suitable for the military.
1. Dampen your hair so it is quite wet. 2. Shampoo your hair. Massage your scalp, this will help circulation. Then rinse. 3. Use silky conditioner. Leave it in for 1 to 2 minutes.
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A wave nouveau has a similar look as a Jeri Curl. Most people rather get the wave nouveau because it is less greasy and only has the wet look without the mess. You can have a wave nouveau done at the salon or you can even purchase the products from a hair supply store and do it yourself. If it is your first time having this style done to your hair then it may be smarter to have it done professionally.
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