What does a yellow rose stand for?


Yellow roses stand for joy, happiness and mainly used to express friendship. It is also an appropriate sentiment that is used to express sympathy, real emotion and grief especially to a loved one or a relative.
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A yellow rose indicates joy, gladness, friendship, promise of a new beginning and delight. You can also give someone a yellow rose to tell them welcome back or remember me. Sending someone a yellow rose can mean that you care.
A yellow rose stands for friendship and caring. If your friend is ill this would be something you would present to them. Also if there is any question about a possible relationship, this is the way to go.
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The yellow rose is symbol of friendship. It indicates happiness and appreciation without referencing romantic feelings. This variety of rose was first uncovered ...
A yellow rose stands for friendship. A yellow rose with red tips also stands for friendship. Giving a yellow rose to a friend is a sign of appreciation for that ...
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