What Does a Zoologist Do?


Zoology is the study of animals. A zoologist studies all kinds of animals and how they live in their environments. Here's a site to give you some further information
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Zoologists study the behavior, development and diseases of animals. For more information about what zoologists do, visit .
A zoologist is a scientist that studies animals and their habits. Zoologists research all aspects of animals, from survival habits to the way they look!
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The median salary for a Zoologist is $50,330.00 per year. You must have a doctorate in animal biology or zoology to become a zoologist. There are many fields within ...
A zoologist is a person who holds an undergraduate degree in biology or zoology. Zoology is a branch of biology, a life science that focuses on the study of animals ...
Zoologists usually wear cotton khakis when working at the zoo or in the wild. The khakis are lightweight and keep cool, while blending in with the scenery and ...
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