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The meaning of administrative: of or relating to administration. Administrative refers to work activities relating to planning, organizing, directing, controlling, supervising and budgeting. An administrative official is an official of a bureaucracy.
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[ad-min-uh-strey-tiv, -struh-]
pertaining to administration; executive: administrative ability.
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An administrator is a person or group of people that run either a physical program or are the owner and main operator of a computer system.
Most organized societies have had some sort of formal public health services. The ancient Greeks, through the genius of Hippocrates, realized that a bad environment (such as swamps)
Become an Office Administrator Study a variety of subjects in high school . Become skilled at keyboarding and word processing, learn a variety of software programs, take a bookkeeping
1. Obtain at least a Bachelor's Degree in computer science or any health related field. To work as an RIS administrator requires interaction with many areas of a hospital or clinic.
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Administration refers to a method of tending to matters. It also refers to the persons or departments who make up a body for the purpose of administering something ...
An administrator in business is a person who is responsible for the performance on management of administrative business operations. ...
Administration is the same all over. However, in the UK, when a company goes into administration, it means that steps are being taken to rescue a company that ...
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