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An adobe is a type of sun dried clay brick which is used as a building material. Adobe structures are durable, because most buildings which were built during the ancient times were built using this material. In hot climates, compared with other building materials such as wood, adobe building materials offer important advantages because of their greater thermal mass.
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sun-dried brick made of clay and straw, in common use in countries having little rainfall.
a yellow silt or clay, deposited by rivers, used to make bricks.
a building constructed of adobe.
a dark, heavy soil, containing clay.
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An adobe refers to an Adobe house. These houses are constructed from adobe bricks made of clay, sand, water and straw that has been sun dried.
Adobe is a dried mud made of sand, clay and, usually, some organic material like straw. The organic material helps to bind the sand and clay, though some proportions of sand and clay
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