What does "affiliations" mean?


Affiliation is the act of being connected or joined formally. It is often used in the corporate industry to show a relationship or link between two groups or businesses. As such, the word is usually associated with two or more groups being involved with each other, but it is sometimes used to talk about the association between individuals.

The word “affiliation” is a form of “affiliate,” which means to closely connect to something or someone. The first known use of the word “affiliate” is traced back to 1761. The origin of “affiliate” comes from the Medieval

Latin word “affiliatus,” which means to adopt as a son. The word was later used by the French as “affiliatio” and later in English as “affiliate.” It was not until the word was used in English that “affiliation” became a form of the word.

Due to the meaning of affiliation, there are a lot of synonyms that are used to replace this word, such as "partnership," "connection" and "relationship." Other words that are also sometimes used include "gang," "clan," "coalition" and "alliance." The term that is best used to replace affiliation in a sentence is determined by the overall meaning and use of affiliation in the sentence.

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the act of affiliating; state of being affiliated or associated.
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