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Affirm means to state positively or to assert as a judgment or decree as valid or confirmed. Affirm is also an intransitive verb meaning to testify or declare by affirmation as distinguished from swearing an oath.
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to state or assert positively; maintain as true: to affirm one's loyalty to one's country; He affirmed that all was well.
to confirm or ratify: The appellate court affirmed the judgment of the lower court.
to assert solemnly: He affirmed his innocence.
to express agreement with or commitment to; uphold; support: to affirm human rights.
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It is important because it attempts to create an equal playing field or opportunity for minority groups in the nation. It is a controversial action.
1. Create statements that appeal to your subconscious. You know better than anybody what type of affirmations will motivate you to make a change in your life. 2. Keep affirmations
A synonym for "affirmative" is "positive".
1 Think about your positive attributes. We rarely focus on those things that we really like about ourselves, instead choosing to dwell on things we'd like to change. An inventory
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