What Does Algae Look like?


Algae are a large, diverse group of simple, autotrophic organisms which do not have stems, toots and vascular tissues. They are normally distributed in the sea, lake and other freshwater as well as moist locations on land.
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Algae rarely grow in a hot tub, what does grow are bacteria. There are several different types, sometimes the water will turn hazy other times you can see little brown dots along
What type of algae? Blue-green,slime or smear algae, Brown, Green water, Film, spot, fuzz,
see if you can brush it off. Algae is usually almost fuzzy looking. If it doesn't come off easily, or is slimy its probably algae
Some algae blooms can look like foam, or a thick slurry. The blooms can be blue, bright green, brown, or red and may look like paint floating on the water. Some blooms may not affect
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Algae is a plant life present in the air, soil and water and requires carbon dioxide, sunlight and water. Algae does not diseases but it is not pleasant to see it in the swimming pools. It is Green- Blue in color and slippery if it is a water algae.
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