What does "alkali" mean?


The world alkali is used to refer to substances which have a pH (acidity or base value) of 7.0 or greater. These substances are usually water soluble salts, and they form soluble carbonates. They are sometimes referred to as bases and when mixed with fatty acids, they form soaps which are soluble in water.
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Agriculture a soluble mineral salt or a mixture of soluble salts, present in some soils, especially in arid regions, and detrimental to the growing of most crops.
Chemistry alkaline
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Alkaline means that a compound or solution contains an alkali. Alkaline substances usually have a pH level that is greater than 7 on the pH scale. Alkaline substances ...
Lithium has three electrons. The element has an atomic number of 3, which means it has three protons. Lithium lies in the alkali metal family of the periodic table ...
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