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Alto is a term which is mainly used in music and it simply means the second highest division of a four-part chorus, or the second highest implement in a family of musical instruments. Alto can also refer to any pitch that range in the lowest female voice.
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Alto. is a musical term, derived from the Latin word. altus. meaning "high" that has several possible interpretations. When designating instruments, "alto" frequently
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the lowest female voice; contralto.
the highest male voice; countertenor.
a singer with such a voice.
a musical part for such a voice.
the second highest of the four parts of a mixed vocal chorus, or the voices or persons singing this part.
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In Spanish, the word alto either means tall or stop. In music, alto describes the second highest voice in a four-part harmony. It is between a soprano and tenor.
Alto means lower. Alto is also the lower voice part that females can sing. The higher voice part for a female is soprano. The alto voice part can help to add a beautiful harmony to a song.
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