What do anteaters look like?


THEY LOOK like bishis.
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Xenarthra Family: Myrmecophagidae
Anteaters are insectivorous mammals of the family Myrmecophagidae. There are only 4 species of anteaters, in 3 genera, the most familiar being the Giant Anteater. All anteater species live in Central and South America.
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You may be thinking of the
Yes its a GSD, Looks like his muzzle (snout) has been broken at some point, still very loving I am sure, just scared and lonely. Personally I would be more concerned that the dam
Giant Anteater's can strut around as they have strong foreclaws that can take down large predators. They are known to grow to 8 foot long.
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An aardvark looks like a pig with a long snout. They are sometimes referred to as anteaters, though technically, they aren't. These mammals have four legs, thick ...
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