What Does an Ignition Coil Do?


An Ignition Coil is an induction coil that changes current from a battery into the high-voltage current needed by spark plugs of an internal-combustion engine. It receives a tiny quantity of electrical voltage from the battery and ladders up the low and quot primary and quot voltage and amplifies it into a big jolt of voltage of about 20,000 volts, and sends it to the spark plugs via the distributor.
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An ignition coil is an induction coil in a vehicle's ignition system which amplifies the battery's voltage to a value required to create an electric spark that ignites fuel in the spark plugs. It amplifies the battery's 12 volts to thousands of volts.
Ignition coil is used to transform a storage battery of 12 volts to the thousands of volts needed to spark the spark plugs. It also acts as a storage device and is used to store energy.
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The Ignition coil is used to covert the high voltage that comes from the battery into current that the spark plugs need to fire. If you didn't have a coil you wouldn't be able to
1. Park your car in a safe place and open the hood. 2. Disconnect the black, negative cable from the battery. 3. Locate the coil or coil pack. Follow the spark plug wires to the distributor
1 Disconnect the output wire of the distributor ignition coil from the distributor cap with the ignition switch in the "off" position. Ad
A bad ignition coil normally won't allow your engine to start given there is no spark. If it is starting to go bad, it causes misfiring which can be noticed as a stutter, or random
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The Mechanic has to replace the Ignition Coil. This Part is generally located near the Spark Plugs and looks like a small can without a top. This will have wires ...
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