What Does an IQ of 127 Mean?


An intelligence quotient (IQ) score of 127 places an individual in the category of superior intelligence. The lowest range if IQ of 70, which is referred to as definite feeble-mindedness and the highest is the category of genius or near genius which is an IQ of 140 and above.
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An IQ of 127 is something to be proud of. It is higher than 96.4% of the population.
On typical IQ testing, scores between 125 to 132 are considered above average. 50% of the
Well the average is set at 100, 115 is the bar for university grads, so above average. Of course IQ is a scientific/ mathematic assessment. This doesn't measure true intelligence
That is a very good score. You should be proud. A score of 100 is the average for other 14 year olds. The IQ test takes age into account and 100 will always be the average for your
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An intelligence quotient score of 127 would place you in the superior intelligence range, which includes only about 6.7% of the population!
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The average IQ of Harvard Students is approximately 127. The average IQ of an individual is 100. Generally the range is between 90 and 109 for the average IQ. ...
A normal IQ score can be defined as the average intelligence quotient for all people. Usually the average IQ score stands at 100%. This score usually varies from ...
An Intelligent Quotient (IQ) is a score obtained from one of various different standardised tests to measure the intelligence of a person. An IQ of 135 means that ...
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