Itchy Right Palm?


It is said that when a person has a itchy right palm, they will receive some money in the near future. There are all kinds of superstitions regarding itches. For instance, an itchy left palm is said to be a sign that the person will lose money, while an itchy shoulder means that you will be sad in the near future.
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In my country it's a sign you will have to spend, give, return some money.
My grandmother always said if your right palm itches, you're going to come into money unexpectedly, but if your left ones itches, you will lose money. When I moved to a different
It is thought that when your right palm is itchy you will come into...
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If the palm of your right hand is itchy, then it foretells that money is coming to you, but don't scratch it as that stops the money from coming! If it's your left palm that is itchy, then scratch away, as that means that you'll soon be paying money.
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According to health experts itchy palms may be a sign of diabetes type II or chilblains depending on its severity. They however recommend one to visit a dentist ...
An itchy right hand is a superstition. It means is that one is fortunate and will soon come across money. However, one should avoid scratching it, because If one ...
This is based on a superstition that says; if your left palm is itchy, you should scratch away, as it means you will be soon paying money. But if your right palm ...
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