How to Understand Brain MRI Images of Tumors.?


1. Get an MRI done in a reputable medical center that offers up MRI image views from all aspects such as sagittal, axial and coronal. 2. View the MRI images of the brain on an illuminated screen. Masses of cells or tumors will be illuminated in blue
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Brain tumors look different. While the inside of a normal brain is white, tumors can be tan, yellow, gray, red, or a mixture of colors. Some have cysts and can be very soft or very
CAT scan is a procedure that assists in diagnosing
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In an MRI, a brain tumour is usually highlighted by contrasting colours that are used to determine the characteristics of the tumour. Primary brain tumours usually ...
An abnormal brain MRI can show conditions such as vascular abnormalities, brain lesions, and brain tumors. A brain MRI can reveal the presence of a tumor and provide ...
An MRI is a medical test that is non-invasive and relatively pain-free, although you may be bothered by some of the clicking noises that the machine automatically ...
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