What does an upside-down Christmas tree mean?


An upside-down Christmas tree is meant to represent the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The custom is traced back to a 12th-century religious tradition of Central Europeans, who hung inverted trees decorated with candles.

In modern times, upside-down Christmas trees have become a trendy practice. Some retailers began suspending their trees to obtain more open space when stores were decorated for the holiday season. Homeowners developed an interest in this decor, and special trees became available that attach to the ceiling. In this position, more ornaments are at eye level. The arrangement opens up the room with the tree and provides extra space for stacking Christmas presents.

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This tradition originated in German or Holland and my understanding the 1st "Christmas tree's" where hung upside down. The custom of decorating rooms with evergreen twigs
Some say that this tradition is based on the 12th century
1. Cut about 20 4-inch pieces of craft wire with wire nips. These wire pieces hold the grapevine in place on the frame. 2. Turn the tomato cage upside-down so the round opening sits
An upside-down Christmas tree is a recent fad, but it actually was how Christmas trees used to be. It was a symbol of religious devotion. Ask us anything! report this answer. Updated
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