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The term anabolic is used in describing that which relates to or promotes anabolism. Anabolism is the synthesis of complex molecules in living organisms from simpler ones jointly with the storage of energy. It is basically constructive metabolism.
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it is the cellular method of synthesis that allows your body to grow new cells and maintain all of the tissues. Anabolism has also been called biosynthesis, and in this process the
( ′an·ə′bäl·ik ) (biochemistry) Pertaining to anabolism. (evolution) Pertaining to anaboly.
1. Observe the characteristic increase in muscle mass. Physiologic doses can produce a slow or even unnoticeable growth while larger doses can cause an increase of several pounds
Steroids can seriously affect your liver and also cause other
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constructive metabolism; the synthesis in living organisms of more complex substances from simpler ones (catabolism).
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