What Does Anaerobic Mean?


An-aerobic means without oxygen or air. It may also be relating to or denoting exercise that does not improve or is not intended to improve the efficiency of the body's cardiovascular system. Examples of anaerobic exercises include, heavy weight lifting, sprinting, swimming among others.
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[an-uh-roh-bik, an-ai-]
(of an organism or tissue) living in the absence of air or free oxygen.
pertaining to or caused by the absence of oxygen.
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The word anaerobic is an adjective that refers to an organism or tissue that lives in the absence of air or free oxygen. It is also used in reference to something that pertains to or is caused by the lack of oxygen.
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Anaerobic is a term meaning "without air." In exercise, it refers to strength-building exercises in contrast to endurance exercises. Anaerobic organisms do not need oxygen
Literally means without air.
Any time you are performing an exercise that requires short bursts at a high rate of intensity, you are doing an anaerobic activity. Because your body is not using oxygen to complete
Applying to metabolism in the cells of the body, or to micro-organisms, this means functioning without oxygen. Examples include anaerobic glycolysis: the pathway of hexose breakdown
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