Colonial Apothecary?


Apothecary refers to a person who prepares and sells medicines and drugs. The word also refers to a historical name for a medical professional who formulates and dispenses medicine to physicians, surgeons and patients.
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a druggist; a pharmacist.
a pharmacy or drugstore.
(especially in England and Ireland) a druggist licensed to prescribe medicine.
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Apothecary is an outdated word for a pharmacist. However, in the old days, apothecaries were more like doctors. They could do simple surgeries etc.
an old fashioned word for one who prepares medicines. Now known as a Chemist
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A historical name for a medical professional who dispenses medicine to physicians and patients
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Apothecary is a medical term that refers to one who comes up with medical material like medicine ingredients and dispenses it to surgeons, patients and physicians ...
Apothecary is a noun which means "one that prepares and sells drugs and other ...
The Rx in a prescription is shorthand for the Latin word 'recipere' which means to take. It dates back to the early apothecaries and basically means to take as ...
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