What Does Apropos Mean?


The word apropos means with reference to. The word also is used to state a speaker's belief that someone's remarks or actions are unrelated to any previous discussion or circumstances.
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fitting; at the right time; to the purpose; opportunely.
Obsolete by the way.
opportune; pertinent: apropos remarks.
apropos of with reference to; in respect or regard to: apropos of the preceding statement.
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Apropos is an adjective meaning: of an appropriate or pertinent nat...
The word "apropos" means appropriate, as in "The man's black suit was. apropos. for the funeral.
(ăp'rə-pō') adj. Being at once opportune and to the point. See synonyms at relevant . adv. At an appropriate time; opportunely. By the way; incidentally: Apropos, where
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Video Transcript. Hi, I'm Laura from youngwritersworkshops.com, and I'm going to talk about what is apropos. It means to the purpose. It's a French word, and it ...
Apropos is used as an adjective and it means being at once opportune and to the point. It is also used as an adverb to mean at an appropriate time or by the way. ...
The word apropos has many different unique meanings. Those meanings are fitting, at the right time, to the purpose, and those are the definitions when this word ...
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