What does "salam alekem" mean?


"Salem alekem," which is more commonly spelled "salaam alaikum," means "peace to you" in Arabic. It is a common greeting used by Muslims throughout the world, and is therefore somewhat akin to "hello."

The traditional response to "salaam alaikum" or "assalaam alaikum" is "wa alaikum assalaam," which means "and unto you peace." The phrase and its response have many spellings in English. This diversity of spellings comes from the many different English-Arabic transliteration systems in use. The Arabic phrase "salaam alaikum" is very similar to the Hebrew phrase "shalom aleichem" and the more informal "shalom," which Hebrew speakers often use to greet each other.

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The proper response is wa'alikum asalaam, and it means 'And peace be unto
It literally means, " peace be upon you." It's a term used by most muslims. But I enjoying using it as well
Asa lama lakum in Arabic is literally translated to "Peace be with you" and is a common Muslim greeting. report this answer. Updated on Monday, February 06 2012 at 01:42AM
Arabic: "As-salam Alaikum" (Peace unto you) The traditional response is "wa' Alaikum As-salam" meaning "and on you be peace.
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The response to asa lama lakum can vary greatly. The most common response is thank you. asa lama lakum means peace be unto you in the Arabic language. ...
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