What is Asthenosphere?


The asthenosphere is located in the upper mantle in the Earth's crust. It is known to be very hot even though it is not at the core and can be compared to putty. Look here for more information: http://www.windows.ucar.edu/tour/link=/e...
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the region below the lithosphere, variously estimated as being from fifty to several hundred miles (eighty-five to several hundred kilometers) thick, in which the rock is less rigid than that above and below but rigid enough to transmit transverse seismic waves.
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The asthenosphere is a physical layer of the upper mantle which is directly below the lithosphere. The asthenosphere is composed of ultramafic rock and is believed to be roughly 5%
The lithosphere encompasses everything between the asthenosphere and the surface. It is a rigid layer, brittle in many regions depending upon its age, and an average of 160 miles
Asthenosphere:1:the lower layer of the
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