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Autotrophic means that a living organism can turn an inorganic element into food. This process happens with the energy of a chemical reaction or by utilizing light. Algae and green plants fit into the autotrophic category.
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[aw-tuh-trof, -trohf]
any organism capable of self-nourishment by using inorganic materials as a source of nutrients and using photosynthesis or chemosynthesis as a source of energy, as most plants and certain bacteria and protists.
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An autotroph is an organism that has the ability to make its own food or energy. These are usually plants or algae. A heterotroph relies on getting energy by eating other organisms.
An organism which uses light energy to synthesize sugars and proteins from inorganic substances
The word heterotroph comes from the Greek "heteros, which means "other" or "different, and "trophe, which means "nutrition. Heterotrophs get their food
An autotrophic organism.
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An autotroph is an organism that produces its own food from either light or chemical energy. Most plants, bacteria and many single celled organisms like plankton ...
Autotrophic means the ability to create food or energy from light or a chemical reaction. An example of an autotroph is a plant that creates its own food through ...
In terms of biology, an autotroph is an organism that produces it's own organic compounds from it's surroundings. The word autotroph means 'self-feeding' in the ...
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