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The term BBS is an acronym that has numerous meanings and uses. It can be used to mean Bulletin Board System, Breeding Bird Survey or Browser Based System. It can also be used to mean Be Back Soon, Broad Band Spectrum or Brigade Battle Simulation. For more details please visit abbreviations which is a site dedicated for defining abbreviations.
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BB is an acronym that stands for several things. Some of them include Bulletin Board, Bed and Breakfast and Base Ball. It may also stand for Big Brother, Barbados and Black Box.
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BBS is a specially processed, unemulsified shortening used in numerous general baking applications such as pound cakes, pie doughs, cookies and donuts. BBS provides consistency and
BBS is an abbreviation for Bulletin Board System, and is a computer that is open to outside
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It is a small pellet fired from an air rifle or bb gun. BB guns are a type air guns designed to shoot projectiles called BB's after the birdshot pellet of approximately ...
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