What Does Bellissima Mean in English?


Bellissima is an Italian word that means extremely or most beautiful in English. It refers to a feminine or a female person who is very pretty. The word also refers to a 1951 Italian neo-realism film by Italian director Luchino Viscont.
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Extremely beautiful , Most beautiful , Very beautiful may be Italian equivalents of 'bellissima'. The word in Italian is pronounced 'behl-LEES-see-mah'. It's formed from adding the
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The Italian word bellissima translates to "beautifulst."
the most beautiful princess.
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Bellissima is an Italian word which means beautiful. It means very beautiful or very pretty, and it is referring to something feminine or a female person. ...
"Extremely beautiful.," ". Most beautiful.," ". Very beautiful". may be Italian equivalents of. bellissima.. Specifically, the Italian ...
" You are my most beautiful one. " is one English equivalent of the Italian phrase. Lei. è. mia bellissima. Specifically, the personal pronoun ...
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