What does "betrothed" mean?


Betrothed means engaged to be married. It can be used either as an adjective or as a noun. In adjectival form, betrothed expresses that two people are to be married. For example: She was betrothed to Michael on October 25th. In noun form, betrothed describes a person who is engaged. As in: My betrothed wishes for us to get married in the church he attended as a child.

Betrothed can also be used as a verb with an object. In this form of sentence construction, betrothed means to arrange a marriage. For example: The kings agreed that their children would be betrothed to help keep harmony between the two countries.

Synonyms of betrothed include engage, promise, pledge and plight. The word originated between the years 1275 and 1325. In Middle English, it was spelled betrouthe, a variant of betreuthe.

According to Easton's 1867 Bible Dictionary, the word betroth was in use during biblical times. In this usage, betroth means to promise by one's own truth. A betrothal took place more than a year before the marriage. However, the woman was regarded as the wife of her betrothed as soon as she was betrothed to her husband to be. The term was also employed to represent the connection between God and his people.

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[bih-trohthd, -trawtht]
engaged to be married: She is betrothed to that young lieutenant.
the person to whom one is engaged: He introduced us to his betrothed.
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