What Does Biotic Mean?


Biotic means relations pertaining living things. Biotic is a science field of study that deals with living organisms which occupy mass that make a complete ecosystem.
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Antibiotics are perhaps the most recognizable biotics. Twelve percent of the drugs prescribed in the U.S. are antibiotics. Since the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in
bi is something that is living.
Biotic refers to living systems, as opposed to abiotic. Thanks for using ChaCha!
plants, and animals.
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pertaining to life.
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Biotic factors are factors produced by a living thing or any living component in an environment in which the action of the organism impinges on the life of another ...
Biotic factors can be broken up into two different groups, biotic, and abiotic. Biotic simply means living, where as abiotic means non living. So examples for ...
The biotic parts of the ecosystem are anything living. The meaning of biotic means living so anything living in an ecosystem is a biotic factor. ...
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