What is Boxing Day?


Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26 every year in England, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Kenya, New Zealand, South Africa and Trinidad. The holiday itself comes from servants who worked for the British upper class. The servants had to work on Christmas, but they left to see their families on the next day, bringing along a Christmas box from their employer.

Boxing Day is for spending time with family. For most people, it is synonymous with taking unwanted Christmas gifts back to the store and cashing in on sales. There are several Boxing Day sporting traditions in England, such as horse races, fox hunting and even swimming the English Channel.

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1. Attend a sporting event. In England, horse racing, regattas, football games and the Brighton Swimming Club's annual dip into the icy English Channel are just some of the events
1. Do something for others. In the traditional spirit of the day, deliver small gifts or monetary bonuses to people who serve you all year: your mail carrier, newspaper deliverer,
Boxing Day is the 26th December and is a national holiday in the UK and Ireland. Why is it Called Boxing Day: Arguments abound on the origins of the name Boxing Day. A ‘Christmas
Boxing day was not started by a person but was started by England. Even though the origin is uncertain England was always popping up when I did a report about Boxing day but it might
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Boxing Day
Friday, December 26, 2014
Boxing Day is a holiday in many European and British Commonwealth countries (such as Canada and New Zealand) on the day after Christmas. It is also known as St. Stephen's Day.
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Boxing Day is a public holiday, which occurs on the 26th of December after Christmas day. It is day set to open Christmas boxes or gifts and sharing it with the ...
Boxing Day is a bank holiday that occurs every 26th December. When this day falls on a Saturday, it is celebrated the following Monday. Consequently, if Christmas ...
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