Breast Dimpling?


Breast dimpling looks like puckering of the skin on the breast, or like many small dimples on the breast. Breast dimpling can be caused by many different things including, abscesses, cancer, inflammation, trauma, and duct obstruction. If you are experiencing breast dimpling, you should talk to your doctor.
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A breast looks like a mound of flesh in a circular shape. There is a circle of different colored flesh called the areola. In the center of the areola is the nipple, which looks like
Let's take, for example, a woman we will call Missy Y. She is named for how could she miss being aware of this important piece of information. Around June of 2009, she noticed a dimple
1 Have your bra fitted. Go to a good department store, and have this done professionally. Wearing a bra that is too small will do nothing but make it look like you've squeezed the
you mean like when theyre taken out? my friend had them and decided she didnt want them anymore & there are two holes on her face. i think dimple piercings are ugly. but that's
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