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Brittany is a lady given name of British and Celtic origins. Brittany’s are known to be very beautiful, popular, and have good hearts. Everyone desires to be as cool as the Brittany's and are envious when they can't match up. Brittany’s love life and laughing, and like seeing other persons laugh as well.
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a region in NW France, on a peninsula between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay: a former duchy and province.
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Brittany is located in France and has the longest coastline there, each part having it's on identity, delicate blending of colors and shapes and rocks of the sea.
1. Start by guessing the dog’s rough size and weight. While small for most pointers, a Brittany can be up to 20 inches in height at the shoulder, which is very tall for a spaniel
Brittany is the westernmost French region, facing America
Per ABC News on December 13: Brittany Mae Smith, the 12-year-old girl who was missing for more than a week, is on her way back to Virginia to be reunited with her family. Smith is
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Brittany is a latin word meaning from england. It reflects a strong industrious personality. Brittany is a name royalty,faith,hope and life. She is also a very ...
Brittany is a term that is used to mean a breed of dog called pointers that have French origins. They resemble spaniels in their appearance and they can also be ...
The meaning of the name Brittani is 'little Britain'. The name is given to female children. The origin of the name is English. Brittani is a variant spelling of ...
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